About Us

Our amazing founders and employees are committed to helping others and giving back. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Every year VoiceNEXT gives back over $50,000 in free equipment and service discounts through our VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation.

Our History

The VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation started with the goal to help non-profit organizations communicate as effectively as Fortune 500 companies. We have been donating hardware as well as discounting our services for qualified non-profit organizations since our inception in 2004.

Our Mission

We strive to help qualified non-profit organizations stretch their budgets by assisting them with new phone systems and reduced monthly service costs. We help organizations get an enterprise-grade phone system at a fraction of the cost!

Stay in Touch

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    Apply for Funding

    VoiceNEXT appreciates your interest in our VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation. Before applying for discounted phone system equipment and services, please determine whether your request fits our Foundation’s mission.

    Please feel free to contact us with questions. 

    What should my application contain?

    A VoiceNEXT Cares request should include the following materials:

    • VoiceNEXT Cares Application. Link at bottom of page.
    • Single-page proposal that includes:
      • The organization’s history, mission, and contact information
      • The size of the organization
      • Proof of 501(c)(3) status
      • Requests may also include supplemental information for consideration
      • Requests should align with the VoiceNEXT Care’s mission: “Supporting social service organization that makes a difference in the community.”

    As a reference, here are the types of Organization’s VoiceNEXT has assisted in the past:

    • Organizations that assist people with mental health concerns through supportive housing and social services
    • Organizations whose mission is to protect, preserve, and restore our natural environment
    • Public and private libraries
    • Volunteer fire departments
    • Substance abuse organizations
    • Organizations involved in teaching literacy to underprivileged children
    • Organizations that advocate for children removed from their families because of abuse or neglect

    When will my organization receive discounted equipment and services?

    VoiceNEXT Cares issues discounted equipment and services throughout the year on a first come, first serve basis. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will be contacted by a VoiceNEXT representative to discuss your organization’s communication needs.

    What is the average discount amount given by VoiceNEXT Cares?

    We know every organization is different in its size, strategy, and mission, which is why we review every application individually and respond with a custom solution. Equipment and service rates are determined by our Board of Directors, based on equipment availability, market rates for phone service, and the size and scope of the applying organization. Once approved service discounts automatically are renewed annually with submission of continued 501(c)(3) eligibility.

    When and where should a VoiceNEXT Cares request be submitted?

    Donation requests may be submitted at any time through:

    VoiceNEXT | Foundation